Saturday, April 4, 2009

What is CDRN

India is vulnerable to disasters be it floods, storms, droughts, cyclones, earthquakes, snowfall or avalanches. The scale and intensity of disasters has and is increasing over the years. The present lack of an organized information system for disaster response to match needs at District, State, and National levels with an integration of Corporates, Government and Relief agencies is required. Thus the need of the hour is to develop a supply chain management system that would
connect the local Needs with available resources i.e., human, financial or products.
This is to work towards getting The Right Aid to the Right People at the Right Time™


Corporate Disaster Resource Network (CDRN) is a web based supply chain management system
that helps Relief agencies, Response agencies and Local governments access and feed in real time
information on products and services required for emergency humanitarian relief. Thereby
enabling an efficient logistics, administrative and financial resources based emergency
preparedness, response and rehabilitation tool.

Join the CDRN

Joining the CDRN gives you immediate access of resources at your disposal. As the system is all
inclusive in nature, a large community of relief agencies, governments and corporate partners
offer collective knowledge of best practices and practical solutions — meaning you're never
responding and providing aid alone.

Facilitating an efficient real time supply chain management system for effective deployment of
resources - financial, material, volunteers and skilled professionals for preparedness, response
and rehabilitation for times of emergencies.


Guiding principles of CDRN are:
- Inclusiveness
- Neutrality
- De mediation
- Transparency
- User driven
- Promotion of Quality