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CDRN Response for Flash Floods Relief Work in Leh, Jammu & Kashmir, India

Relief support through Corporate Disaster Resource Network (CDRN) for Leh, Jammu & Kashmir flash flood

According to the latest government reports, 193 people have perished and more than 65 are still missing in the Leh flash floods that occurred on the night of 5th August, 2010. Lifeline infrastructure was destroyed including hospitals, bus terminals, radio station transmitter, telephone exchange and mobile-phone towers bringing life to standstill in Leh. 24 villages in Leh region have been severely affected. Initially the rescue efforts were hampered by gushing water and mud but now movement of goods and people is coming back to normalcy. In addition many of the roads leading to Leh were damaged making it difficult to transport relief supplies.
Coordination with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and Private Sector Companies
Immediately after the tragedy the CDRN emergency unit, contacted NDMA and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) for first hand information on critical needs. Clean drinking water for the survivors, woolen blankets, medicines and alpine tents were urgently required.
CDRN emergency unit quickly assessed the situation and was ready to transport 96000 pre-positioned water purification tablets donated by Aquatabs for those affected in Leh.
The CDRN team contacted several national level companies to provide support for the Leh operations. The response was overwhelming as Corporate India obliged.
The Dharmpal Satyapal Group donated 1050 blankets and 50 alpine tents and Jubilant Bhartia Foundation donated 48,000 litres of packaged drinking water. In addition, 100 Jerry cans were donated by Mount Kailash and 1000 litres of cooking oil by Cargill.
Kingfisher Airlines, Jet Airways Indian Airlines provided free cargo space for the Leh relief material which enabled CDRN in efficient logistics and helped in economizing relief operations. Transportation was a critical need at this juncture and with the logistics support provided by these three airlines, the relief could reach timely.
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is being supported through CDRN for distribution of blankets in the villages like Saboo, ,Basgo, Ney and Miru and CII Northern Region, Secretariat is providing regular updates on the progress.
CDRN Response to Leh Flash Floods, Jammu & Kashmir
CDRN was one of first relief agency which initiated its on field operations in Leh. Pragya and Lingshed Foundation were contacted to assess the immediate local needs. Two members of CDRN team met the Deputy Commissioner, Leh to integrate with ongoing initiatives of the Government and to coordinate with stakeholders.
CDRN team conducted trainings on proper usage of water purification tablets
Information on use water purification tablets being imparted to nursing staff by CDRN team members
The CDRN team met the Chief Medical Officer, Leh and provided support with the availability of water purification tablets in Leh.
CDRN emergency unit team comprising of Zorema Darkim and Sandeep Kashyap visited 9 relief camps and other affected villages. They provided trainings to Nurses and directly to communities on proper usages of water purification tablets and use of clean storage cans. Information, Education and Communication (IEC) material in Hindi and English was also distributed to those that would use the purification tablets.
A month’s supply of water purification tablets provided by Aquatabs for 200 people in National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) managed camps were also distributed. These were highlighted as critical needs for the health of the affected populations who lost access to safe drinking water due to the flash floods.
Mr. Kingshuk Barohua, state Project Coordinator, Pragya said, “Immediately after crisis, we chalked our response strategy and split in two teams” The idea was to provide immediate relief to as many villages as possible. Adding further he said that our relief teams have distributed thermocol sheets, poly sheets, torches, candles, soap, detergent cake, sanitary napkins, baby food, utensils, First Aid kits, food and water purification tablets in the Himank relief camp, ITBP camp and the critically affected area of Choglamsar.
He informed that Aquatabs, water purification tablets and 9000 drinking water bottles provided through CDRN were distributed in far off villages including Phyang, Himank, Choglumsar, Saboo, Igoo, Taru, Umla, Nimmoo, Basgo, Ney, Stakmo, Nang, Shey, Maane, Skampari.
Jubilant Bhartia Foundation donates packaged drinking water
Package drinking water being distributed in far off villages
After viewing the specific needs on CDRN system, Jubilant Bhartia Foundation donated 48,000 litres of packaged drinking water.
Mr. Vivek Prakash, Head, CSR Jubilant Bhartia Foundation highlighted the prompt action taken by CDRN which encouraged Jubilant employees to come forward to provide relief to populations affected in Leh.
He said, “I liked transparency in which the entire process panned out and I am sure that the material will reach the beneficiaries”. “A lot of time was saved by using CDRN system as it had an updated databank on suppliers and discounted rates of the products” he added. As transaction involved only products, it added more value to our contribution”.
He says the Jubilant will support through CDRN in future for other relief operations as CDRN is working with credible government agency like National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), National Disaster Response Force and partners like CSO Partners. Most importantly CDRN helps get the Right Aid to the Right People at the Right Time.
Building a future
More than two weeks after the tragedy, rehabilitation is a key priority. According to estimates, 80% of the infrastructure in Leh has been destroyed by the flash flood which is slowly being revived. Revival of make shifts schools for children, psycho social support for survivors and food items like cooking oil, wheat flour, Rice and Pulses are immediately required as people start moving back to their native villages. With winter just two months away construction of new settlements before winters is a big challenge for the Leh administration.
We are looking forward to helping the people of Leh rebuild their lives as quickly as possible. To get more details and support our on field activities and see the latest needs, please refer to
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